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Who Can Get a Reverse Mortgage Loan?

Old Friends

If you are over the age of 62, you might be able to get a reverse mortgage loan.  To be eligible though, you must:Be a homeowner (to be clear, this does not mean that the home has to be paid off). Eligible properties include single family residences, 2 to 4 unit properties, condominiums, town homes […]

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Does a Reverse Mortgage Loan Show Up on My Credit Report?

Does a Reverse Mortgage Show up on Credit Report

Since there is no monthly payment required for the reverse mortgage loan (other than property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and other property charges), the loan does not appear on your credit report and it is not reported by the credit bureaus. If you have any questions about this, be sure to call!  855-469-7383, Ext. 802. Be sure to […]

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